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Original Artworks

original artwork sealife dolphins

Curious & playful; wanting to communicate with us! Reflective light through the water forming dappled patterns on the Dolphins. A painting of light & fun.


Medium...Acrylic on Canvas


SOLD $1300

"BELONG" Large original acrylic artwork by Lisa Stamos Art

Unusual perspectives are my thing! such as this view of K'gari. Beneath the sea the Humphead Whale, Hammerhead Shark & Green Sea Turtles have made these waters their home, as have the Dingoes & Seagulls of land & air. Mother Nature brought The SSMaheno during a cyclone in 1935 to her final resting place here on 75mile beach, a place they all call home. Paradise.


Medium...Acrylic on Canvas

Size...121.5 x 91 x 3.7cm


custom prints available

"EMOTION" Large acrylic bu Lisa Stamos art
"WHO"S HOO" Large pastel by Lisa Stamos Arts
"SHELL SHOCKED" Large acrylic by Lisa Stamos Art.
"ANIMAL HEAD II" Original acrylic by Lisa Stamos Art.
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